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Champions Northwest
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Timothy McAughan, DVM

Timothy McAughan, DVMOwner, Veterinarian

Dr. Tim McAughan is the owner veterinarian of both Animal Hospital Champions Northwest and Animal Hospital Jones Road, and has more than 30 years experience in the field of ...
Melissa Blessinger, DVM

Melissa Blessinger, DVMVeterinarian

Dr. Blessinger joined the staff of Animal Hospital Champions Northwest in Spring of 2008, and is most recognizable by her long red hair. She earned her doctorate of veterinary ...
Ginger Kelly, BVMS

Ginger Kelly, BVMSVeterinarian

Born in Alabama, Dr. Ginger Kay Kelly worked in mixed animal practices throughout most of her career in veterinary medicine before she joined Animal Hospital Champions Northwest. ...
Christine Olsen, BVSc

Christine Olsen, BVScVeterinarian

Dr. Christine Olsen, a member of the veterinarian team at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest, earned her veterinary medical degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia. ...
Renee Poche, DVM

Renee Poche, DVMVeterinarian

Dr. Poche joined Animal Hospital Champions Northwest in the summer of 2017. She earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine form Lousiana State University College of Veterinary ...
Elissa Jackman , CVA I

Elissa Jackman , CVA I Practice Manager

Elissa  Jackman is the practice manager at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest, and previously joined the origanization in 2003 working at Animal Hospital Jones Road. She has ...
Felicite Haas, CVA 1

Felicite Haas, CVA 1Technician Manager

Felicite Haas, CVA 1, works as the technician manager at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest. Many clients and their pets know Ms. Haas, as she has several years tenure working as ...
Lauren Pinon, CVA 1

Lauren Pinon, CVA 1Receptionist Manager

Lauren Pinon is a Certified Veterinary Assistant 1, and the receptionist manager at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest. She has a tenure of 13 years working in the veterinary ...
Jacklyn Hypes

Jacklyn HypesPet Stylist

Jacklyn Hypes, one of two pet stylists at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest, has a contagious smile and gentle touch that helps some of the more timid pets relax and feel at ...
Ashley Ahrabi

Ashley AhrabiKennel Supervisor

Ashley Ahrabi works at Animal Hospital Champions Northwest in the capacity of kennel supervisor, where she puts great effort to assure our boarding area is clean and comfortable ...

Zipper Resident Cat

Zipper, a domestic short hair, orange tabby, takes his job as the hospital's goodwill ambassador very seriously. It is not uncommon to find him in the laps of clients, or even ...