Our Vets Deliver a Kid!

kidphoto2 2

Dr. Anita Lott, with the assistance of Dr. Timothy McAughan, channeled their inner James Herriott, the fiction character and British farm vet, when they helped Animal Hospital Jones Road employee Whitney Jeffries' pet goat Brownie on June 18. Pregnant with twins, Brownie tried valantly to deliver the first twin vaginally without success, even after Dr. Lott helped her relax and attempted to reposition the kid. 

Though dogs and cats are our specialty, both veterinarians had some experience with goats. They called upon some local large animal veterinarian colleagues for guidance and utilized the research sources we always have available. They agreed a Cesarean section was necessary for the safety of Brownie and her twins, and proceeded immediately. Fortunately Brownie stayed strong throughout surgery, and Dr. Lott delivered one healithy male kid, which Whitney named, Anitathy, a combination of the two doctors' names. Unfortunately, the twin stuck in the birth canal did not survive.

Post delivery Anitathy received a bottle, and it appeared as if he prefered it over his mother's teat. However, Whitney reports Anitathy now nurses mom like a champ and both patients are doing well at home.

All the Animal Hospital Jones Road staffers enjoyed the excitement of doing something entirely out of the ordinary. That's not to say that dogs and cats are ordinary in any way!