Pet Memorial

Remember your beloved pet by adding a favorite photo him or her here.

  • 4/4/2008 - 1/14/2011
    Owner: Erin
    Sweet Rocky. Miss him so much. So does his sisters Bella, Ivy and brother Gus. He loved to hang outside with his siblings and play. He also loved his 2 dog siblings, Simba and Sophia. He has left a hole in our hearts! RIP Rocky.
  • 4/1/2001 - 12/30/2010
    Owner: Trey
    Ma Belle was a dear friend to me for many years. I miss her very much.
  • 8/1/2006 - 1/5/2011
    Owner: Mario
    Daisy was the most sweetest, loving dog, and her love for us was TRULY unconditional. Her favorite time of the day was feeding time, and she would remind us it was time on the dot. She loved to cuddle, and would bury her nose in the blanket, because it was always cold. Her time with us was cut too short, but she will forever be in our hearts. We miss you, Daisy Pig!
  • 9/4/2009 - 6/13/2010
    Owner: Mary
    a good pet
  • 4/6/1997 - 1/7/2011
    Owner: Bill
    Lily's favorite thing to do when we weren't home was to lie in the dirty clothes basket so she could smell us all day long! We miss you so much Lilypad, but we are so happy you aren't in pain anymore:)
  • 3/7/2008 - 12/26/2010
    Owner: Sammy
    You will be missed, Rest In Peace our sweet baby girl. You are with us always and forever.
  • 11/27/1996 - 12/28/2010
    Owner: Taylor
    We miss Hanna so much. wish she was here everyday.
  • 4/1/1992 - 12/30/2010
    Owner: William
  • 3/15/1998- - 3/15/1998-
    Owner: Jamol
    We will miss you terribly! Love you forever.
  • 6/16/1993 - 12/8/2010
    Owner: Weston
    a good pet
  • 1/1/1995 - 11/5/2010
    Owner: Artemis
    a good pet
  • 8/17/2005 - 10/29/2010
    Owner: Gordan
  • 4/1/2008 - 10/12/2010
    Owner: Dwayne
    Sarge adored his baby and his baby loved him. He will be truly missed. He left us to soon but I know he is needed as someone else's angel now.
  • 12/14/1997 - 10/5/2010
    Owner: Lebron
    Jack wrestled with coyotes, scared off bears, herded cattle, climbed mountains... loved his family, and lived a fuller life then most of us dream. He lives forever in our hearts.
  • 6/4/1999 - 10/2/2010
    Owner: Eliza
    A good pet
  • 8/16/1995 - 9/25/2010
    Owner: Anfronee
    A Good pet.
  • 5/1/1998 - 9/11/2010
    Owner: Sabrina
    I really miss his purr when he sat on my lap and slept with me. He had a good long life.
  • 8/4/2004 - 9/13/2010
    Owner: Geoffry
    Thank you Dr. McAughan and staff for your kindness. We truly appreciate you.
  • 2/24/1993 - 3/31/2008
    Owner: Johnathon
    Sweetest Meathead ever!
  • 12/25/1998 - 8/4/2010Lo
    Owner: Rick
    Loved All Loved by All