Pet Memorial

Remember your beloved pet by adding a favorite photo him or her here.

  • 12/15/01 - 2/28/14
    Owner: Ernest and Diane Gonzales
    Thank you Rex for being our loving companion and for sharing with us how special and perfect you were. You enriched our lives and we will always remember the great times we all spent together with you. Loving you always.
  • Unknown - 2-15-2014
    Owner: Amber Newbury
    This was our Abby girl about 3 years ago But it has always been my favorite! She lived to be almost 20 yrs old and what a wonderful girl she was. We miss and love her so much! Enjoy the rainbow bridge baby girl until we meet again...
  • 11/23/96 - 10/15/2013
    Owner: Jan Stein
    He filled our lives with love & laughter, & will be in our hearts forever.
  • 06/09/2004 - 1/14/20014
    Owner: Steve Landis
    Our pets are as much a part of our family as any two-legged beast, with a lot less drama. They make us laugh, they make us cry. They bring a smile to our face with the simplest of gestures. And when they hurt, we hurt; when they die, they leave us with a profound sadness and a void that can never really be filled. Stewie died tonight. He was truly this man's best friend and I will miss him the rest of my days. The great American philosopher, Richard "Kinky" Friedman, said it best: "Money might buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail." Stewie's tail was, until his illness, in perpetual motion. His memory will always be a blessing.
  • 1-12-02 - 1-22-14
    Owner: Brian, Nancy, Brad & Bethany Sawyer
    A photo of Penny up at our Ranch in Centerville! She loved it up there and she was the best people dog and a animal lover as well. She always got along with anything that came her way and always made friends where ever we took her. She will be missed by all of her family to include her younger sisters Gracie and Patches! Penny we love you sweetie!
  • 2-2-2001 - 1-11-2014
    Owner: Dawn Bennett
    A great family protector that was never afraid. You were lover and will be missed.
  • 11/08/2001 - 12/30/2013
    Owner: Carly Cuevas
    Loving , smart, loyal friend of the family. She will be missed.
  • 10/31/2005 - 12/23/2013
    Owner: Rhiannon Vader-Rikhof and Sami Abu-Zahra
    My sweet, perfect darling. You will always be missed and in our hearts.
  • 01/31/2001 - 11/22/2013
    Owner: Cathi & Ed Deal
    Our special boy.
  • 2000 - 10/19/2013
    Owner: Lee Woolery
    Forever chasing lights in Heaven.
  • 01/01/2007 - 9/12/2013
    Owner: Peggy
    Ginger came to our home in Dec 2012 and gav our home a lot of laughs with her comical ways. We love and miss her a lot.
  • Sept 2002 - Sept 16, 2
    Owner: AJ, Gretchen & Cecilia Murphy
    You brought us 11 years of love and happiness. Hope you are able to run and play again.
  • 2/1/2006 - 9/3/2013
    Owner: Robert Thurman
    Sweetest girl!!!
  • Unknown - 7/27/13
    Owner: Susan & Jim Kolesar
    The absolute best dog in every way. We were very fortunate to have adopted such a wonderful dog. She will forever be loved and in our hearts.
  • Jan 9, 200 - Aug 9, 201
    Owner: Garcia Rottie Rescue
    You were such a sweet girl even though you didn't have a good life to start out. You were loved the whole 4 months we had you with us. I will miss you.
  • 09/02/2000 - 08/17/2013
    Owner: Courtney Bell
    Buddy was more then a family pet; she was my best friend. Rest in peace Buddy. We all love you.
  • June 2000 - July 2013
    Owner: Nathan & Jennifer Witt
    We never had to worry about danger when he was around because he was so protective of my husband, our kids and myself. He gave us a wonderful 13 years. Cooper, you are missed terribly and will never be forgotten.
  • 7/22/2000 - 6/29/2013
    Owner: Rob Manz
    My Very Best Friend
  • 6-17-2000 - 1-16-2011
    Owner: Jenni and Steven
    We miss our beautiful boy! He loved chasing squirrels in the backyard!
  • March 15th - June 12th,
    Owner: Mark Parsons
    Abbey my beloved friend. She loved going to the airport with me to work on our airplane. I will miss her the rest of my days.