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Can cats get heartworms?

Yes. Absolutely, both indoor and outdoor cats can get heartworms and there is no treatment for  this disease in felines. The solution to make sure your kitty receives heartworm prevention every single month.

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Do you accept Care Credit???

Yes. Absolutely and thank you for asking!


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Why does my dog still stink even though she just got a bath?

It is possible the smell is coming from your dog's mouth, and perhaps it is time for a dental clieaning. There are some other health conditions that might cause a bad odor as well.

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At what age should I start giving my dog a heartworm preventative?

Your dog should start heartworm preventative at eight weekes of age. If you live in an area heavily infested with mosquitoes, begin at six weeks of age.

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Do you offer second opinions and do you charge a fee?

We are happy to offer second opinions. In most cases it would be necessary to charge an exam fee. Our veterinarians would need to examine the pet and evaluate the information, lab results, radiographs you may have from the prior veterinarian. Thanks for asking!

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With regards to end of life, when it is time to have one of my pets put down, what services do you offer for end of life (e.g. cremation, ashes returned, paw print imprint?)?

We offer all of the items you mentioned. For more detailed information, please contact either Louetta location at 281.370.0773, or Jones Road office at 281.890.9525. Thank you.

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What are your new hours. I just called and the clinic is already closed.

There is no change to our hours. We close at 5PM on Saturday. We are open Monday through Friday 7AM to 9PM,  from 8AM to 5PM on Saturday and 1 to 5PM on Sunday.

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For the spay and neuter services on average what is the cost of the procedures ?

If possible, please call our office at 281.890.9525 (Jones Road location) or 281.370.0773 (Champions location). We have a few questions for you so we may provide the best answer. Thank you.

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Which vaccinations are required to board an 11 week old golden doodle for 8 days?

We require a series of a few different vaccinations for puppies. If possible, please call our hospital, 281.370.0773 (Champions location) or 281.890.9525 (Jones Road location) so we may assist you. Thank you.

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