Grooming & Pet Styling

307987 10152099965885632 2089867910 nBoth Animal Hospitals Champions Northwest and Jones Road offer all breed cat and dog pet styling, or grooming, services. Pets in the care of our pet stylists savor a pampered spa day while at our “salons.” Each receives a luxurious massaging bath with superior shampoos, coat conditioning, anal sacs expression, toenail trim, ear cleaning, a blow dry, and brush out. While under the ministrations of our grooming staff, pets have the option of receiving veterinary care, if the procedures are safe when undergone in conjunction with bathing and styling.

Our pet stylists and staff make grooming an art form, and specialize in breed specific and creative hair cuts. They also provide shaves, shed control, tooth brushing, mat removal, and toenail painting. Animal Hospital Champions Northwest and Animal Hospital Jones Road pet stylists are the only individuals who may give a firm cost estimate for these services.

All dogs and cats scheduled for this elective procedure must provide proof of current vaccinations required by Animal Hospitals Champions Northwest and Jones Road. Grooming is not available for puppies and kittens until they complete the vaccination series, although our staff encourages owners to have their pets meet the groomers before the first pet styling appointment. We also request that owners of frail or geriatric pets secure the approval of a veterinarian in advance of the grooming appointment.