Video Endoscopy & Endoscopic Surgery

otoendoscope2Two of the best diagnostic and treatment tools available at Animal Hospitals Champions Northwest and Jones Road are the video otoscope and endoscope. We are able to perform minimally invasive procedures to evaluate conditions of the canine and feline ear, nose, chest, abdominal and stomach cavity, bowel, bladder, connective tissue and joints, and even wounds, to rectify clinical problems. The video otoscope and endoscope create dramatic internal visualization and reduce trauma on the pet with such procedures as laparoscopy, vaginoscopy, rhinoscopy, gastroscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, and thoroscopy.

This equipment projects using fiber optic technology for lighting and magnification. The veterinarian guides the scope to the affected area while it depicts a clear image on a high resolution monitor. Our veterinary medical staff may elect to use the video endoscope to remove foreign objects, in addition to collecting biopsy tissue samples, thus avoiding subjecting the patient to full scale exploratory surgery. Clearly the otoscope and endoscope bring ever increasing benefits to our level of patient care, and can significantly reduce recovery time for some patients.